I know i still have gifs and graphics to make but like.. i’m back in school, i got a job, and well other personal things. That’s why I haven’t really been on. I’m sorry guys. I’ll try and post something new for you every now and then and hopefully when I got some free time I can get to those gifs and all but for now.. i hope you guys don’t unfollow or anything. I’m not gone completely!


I’m searching, desperate for a fracture in your shell
With every passing day it gets harder to tell
Where the demon stops and where you begin
But I promise you this isn’t how it ends

-beth crowley “how it ends”

"Aren’t you somethin’, an original
'Cause it doesn't seem merely a sample
And I can’t help but stare, ‘cause I see truth somewhere in your eyes
I can’t ever change without you
You reflect me, I love that about you
And if I could, I would look at us all the time”

-Justin Timberlake “mirrors”

Can’t sleep

So I’m making a little thing

(dalaric? maybe.. but it is ian somerhalder and matt davis. totally something that came to mind while i was listening to a justin timberlake song ~ you’ll see soon enough)


Richard Speight Jr.

☂   Age: 43

☂   Hair Color: Brown

☂   Eye Color: Brown

☂   Height: 5’8”

☂   Nationality: American

☂   Noted Roles: Supernatural, Hard Crime, Crave, Justified, Jericho, Yes Dear, 

☂   Roles they can pass as:

It’s pretty obvious that he can pass as an angel due to his performance in Supernatural. It’s sad though, I don’t see many Gabriel rpers. He could also be used for a witty, joker, mischievous character who has sass due to his facial expressions. Possibly a nurse or a doctor also due to the gifs he has from supernatural. 

Gif Hunts:

Alex Watson

☂   Age: 21 or 22 ??

☂   Hair Color: Light Brown

☂   Eye Color: Brown

☂   Height: 5’11”

☂   Nationality: British English

☂   Noted Roles: Syndicate, Letters from Darya, Deuces Wild, Road Trip, All The Rage

☂   Roles they can pass as:

Well, in case you don’t know, yes, Alex is related to Emma Watson. So if for some reason, you’d like to give Hermione a younger sibling, Alex is quite the obvious choice. He could easily pass as her opposite and be placed into Slytherin with high ambitions and a bit of a mischievous side or the studious Ravenclaw who is determined to get high marks and on his spare time draws and paints. Out of Harry Potter world, Alex could easily pass as an artist who struggles to find his muse or even a guy who know what he wants, is charming, sweet, determined, but maybe with a temper or a dark seceret?

Gif Hunts:

Daisy Lowe

☂   Age: 24

☂   Hair Color: Dark Brown

☂   Eye Color: Brown/Hazel ???

☂   Height: 5’10”

☂   Nationality: British English

☂   Noted Roles: ConfineGeography of the Hapless Heart

☂   Roles they can pass as:

Daisy Lowe has one of those faces where it’s hard to believe that she’s 24 so she could pass by as younger and still in high school. She could be that mysterious girl that is very guarded to the playful friend who will do silly things to get you to smile and laugh. 

Gif Hunts:

A lot of blog editing was done today

but the good news is I got photoshop working so gifs will start being made hopefully soon.

I think I should finish editing the blog before I do anything else.

but there are a few things in the queue to post so we’re not completely inactive the whole time.

I think I should head to bed now since it’s going on 6am here.

Good night my little hunter, good night.


Ethan Peck

☂   Age: 27

☂   Hair Color: Dark Brown

☂   Eye Color: Hazel

☂   Height: 6’1”

☂   Nationality: American

☂   Noted Roles: Gossip Girl, The Sorcerer’s Appretince, 10 Things I Hate About You, That 70’s Show, 

☂   Roles they can pass as:

Ethan Peck has such a lovely face that I don’t quite understand why he isn’t used more and my only guess again is because of the lack of gifs that people would like to have. Still, he can be a very flexible face to use for characters. Easily could pass as the bad boy around town who every girl wonders about who is a bit rough around the edges and keeps to himself to the completely honest friend who will help anyone through anything and be there. 

Gif Hunts:

Adelaide Kane

☂   Age: 23

☂   Hair Color: Dark Brown

☂   Eye Color: Brown

☂   Height: 5’4”

☂   Nationality: Australian

☂   Noted Roles: Confine, Geography of the Hapless Heart

☂   Roles they can pass as: Teen wolf (Cora), Reign, The purge, Power Rangers R.P.M, Neighbours (Lolly Allen). Through her appearance as the main protagonist on Reign, Adelaide is becoming much more known than she originally was before. She could either pass as a complete sweetheart or a total badass who will not take anyone’s crap. Note, even as a sweetheart she could also do that. Easily could be used as a werewolf due to the gifs she has from Teen Wolf. 

Gif Hunts:


photoshop keeps crashing before it even opens. u.u This is upsetting.